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Birthdate:May 20

[Character Name] Skarrow

[Canon] Courtney Crumrin

[Timeline] Very end of book 2 (Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics)

[Age] "Adult"

[Gender] Male

[Eye Color] entirely black (little if any visible whites -- huge irises or black sclera, I'm not sure which.)

[Hair Color] black, dark brown, or tan depending on where you look -- he's mildly furry, but most of it is the peach-fuzz kind.

[Height] likely about 5'10"-6', but he seldom stands upright and straight

[Weight/Build] 150-160 lbs? Very lean, athletic, some fair muscle on him.

[Other] Elflike, but almost catlike, too. Has a tail, claws, and pointed ears. Tends to sit crouched when at rest, instead of standing like a human would.

[Clothing] Very short peachy-fuzzy fur, but darker and longer to hide "what should be hidden." Only wears black pointed shoes, otherwise. Fur color pattern gives the impression of black pants and nearly elbow-length gloves.

[Personality] Quiet, timid, docile, considerate, sweet, affectionate. Think of puppies.

[Specialties/Abilities] Can survive on his own in a forest, like any animal can. Excellent night vision and sense of smell, some magic-awareness. Athletic and can move silently and quickly. Good at tracking and hiding. May be able to do a few small things with magic and the supernatural, but he's no warlock or mage.

[Affection] He'll be shy, but he'll likely appreciate it. He might be confused, if he's not trusting of your char yet, though. Expect him to be affectionate if he likes your char. As far as [info]afternightfalls goes, you can try, but you probably won't get far enough for him to be in a log that deserves to be over there.

[Fighting] Mun doesn't object; Skarrow will. He doesn't want to fight, and isn't trained to (he'll probably flee if targeted) but if it comes to it, watch out for his claws. They're sharp. (And potentially his teeth too, but it's unlikely he'd want to use them.)

[Mun Limits] It's all good, atm. Prolly no 4th-walling, though, sorry. Skarrow wouldn't take it well.

[Mun Advice] If you want to gain his trust, it's probably best to speak softly and make no sudden movements. Also, honesty is a plus. He may not take too kindly to being tricked. And it helps to be female, or a child. Or both.

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Interests (7):

courtney crumrin, night things, roleplay, rp, skarrow, ted naifeh, uncle aloysius
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